The Zhumell Z8 is one fine scope right out of the box, but I had some time to kill and decided to "upgrade" it with a few features that I thought were lacking. Couple of primary considerations were modifying it for cold weather use and making it easier to dial in to a particular object based on star charts.

After doing a bit of research to see what others have done, I settled on the following.

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This serves two purposes. It's normally used to minimize reflections inside the light path, but it's also quite nice for helping to control the "climate" inside the tube, something important for cold weather viewing up here in the Great White North.


This compass is built into the base and allows you to easily set the cardinal points based on your star charts once you've set true north properly,


Also takes the work out of setting the angle of the OTA based on the star charts. Gets you in the ballpark much faster.


An indispensable tool for quickly finding your target object. It has a much wider field of view than the standard spotter scope. Center the object in the Telrad sight, then use the spotter to dial in closer, and you should be right on the money in the primary eyepiece if you've got everything calibrated correctly.


Grip handles, carriers, equipment cases, adjustable legs, etc.

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